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Rex Robert Brown

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Rex Robert Brown (born July 27, 1964 in Graham, Texas) is an American heavy metal bassist. Currently a member of Down, he is most famous as the longtime bassist for the Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling band Pantera.
Life and career

Along with former Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo, he subsequently joined Down to replace bassist Todd Strange, and most recently played bass on the Down album Down III: Over the Under.
During the early days of Pantera, Rex Brown went by the stage name Rex Rocker. It wasn't until Far Beyond Driven that he changed his stage name to Rex Brown. According to the Pantera Cowboys from Hell inner notes, Rex is simply credited as "Rex" , thus dropping the last part of his stage name "Rocker".

[edit] Pantera

Main article: Pantera

Rex joined Pantera in 1982 with his friend guitarist Dimebag Darrell, drummer Vinnie Paul and vocalist Terry Glaze.
Pantera recruited vocalist Phil Anselmo to replace Glaze in 1987. By 1990 the band had been signed to Atco Records and released Cowboys from Hell which proved to be the band's turning point. Over the course of four more studio records, a live album and a greatest hits compilation, Anselmo and Pantera were nominated for four best metal performance Grammys, in 1995 for "I'm Broken", 1997 for "Suicide Note Pt. I", 1998 for "Cemetery Gates" and 2001 for "Revolution Is My Name." In 2001, Anselmo decided to put Pantera on hold because of back pain while he toured and recorded with his side projects. Pantera disbanded in 2003.

[edit] Rebel Meets Rebel

Main article: Rebel Meets Rebel

While in between bands, Rex and the Abbott Brothers, teamed up with country artist David Allan Coe
in a project called "Rebel Meets Rebel" in 2000. The album was released
May 2, 2006 on Vinnie's "Big Vin Records" label. Rebel Meets Rebel
disbanded in 2003.

[edit] Down

Main article: Down (band)

In 1999 Rex joined Down after Todd Strange has left the band. On March 26, 2002, Down released their second album called A Bustle in Your Hedgerow with Rex on bass. After Down reunited in 2006 after a four year hiatus, work began on their third album, Over the Under. They are currently recording their fourth album to be released sometime in 2009.

[edit] Other work

Rex has worked previously with Jerry Cantrell on five tracks included on the album called Boggy Depot as well as eleven tracks with Crowbar on the album Lifesblood for the Downtrodden. Rex is also a producer and plays Acoustic guitar. He has also provided bass work for Crowbar in 2004 and 2005 and to Cavalera Conspiracy in 2008.

[edit] Playing style and equipment

Rex was a jazz bassist and was offered a scholarship to the University of North Texas but declined.[1] He often plays with a pick. He is widely considered to be, along with Dimebag Darrell, one of the driving forces behind groove metal.
Rex was notable for often contributing walking basslines underneath
Darrell's guitar solos. Standout tracks include "Floods" "Walk" "5
Minutes Alone", "Throes of Rejection", "Cowboys from Hell", "Living
Through Me (Hells Wrath)", "I Can't Hide", "Use my Third Arm", "Where
You Come From", "This Love", "I'm Broken" and many others.
Brown is currently endorsed by Spector basses and Ampeg amplification.[2][1]



  • BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus
  • Morley PBA-2 Bass Wah
  • Korg DTR-1 Rack Tuner
  • Rocktron VooDoo Valve Preamp / Multi-FX

  • Ashdown Bass Chorus Plus
  • MXR Phase 90
  • Sound Design Earthquake Bass Wah
  • HBE Hematoma


  • Ampeg SVT-IVPRO Head
  • Vintage Ampeg SVT Head
  • Ampeg SVT-IIPro Head
  • Ampeg SVT-II Head

  • Ampeg SVT810AV Bass Cabinet / 8x10
  • Ampeg SVT410HE Bass Cabinet / 4x10
  • Ampeg SVT810E Bass Cabinet / 8x10

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